On releasing Global Skies

You can read all about what this album is supposed to be about under the About the Artist button on my website. I do the best I can describing it — song for song — but frankly, it's a monster challenge that's probably best left to others. More to the point, I'd prefer to hear what others have to say about my music than have me try to translate oceans of emotion into words on a page. The listener is the expert in this regard. Certainly not me. Me, I'm just a local medium, briefly possessed by moody inspirations and at the beck and call of sounds waiting to be found inside a box of metal strings and aging wood.

But this I will say this about Global Skies: it attempts the impossible. By that I mean it tries with every chord to capture the spirit of what a vital global community might sound like, if it could ever be holistically described by sound and sound alone. I know, it's a highly improbable challenge or proposition or whatever. But look, success or failure, for me it's worth a major attempt because of the importance of what our de facto new global community stands for, what it should be about. In my mind, at least, it stands for the pinnacle of what we, humanity, can likely achieve by working together; that is, by building a uniquely universal society whose mission it is to become wholly sustainable and work for everyone. Call me a dreamer? Oh yes, you're absolutely right about that; but then again, why not? Dream big, dream long. The alternative, of course, is less than desirable, to say the least. 

So about this album I say this: What we need, what we should all strive for and want — whether we choose to recognize it or not — is a world that honors the individual as well as respects the glory of social and cultural diversity. That is to say, a fully functioning world society based on the benign rule of equality. That's the sound I was after in recording Global Skies. That's the sound I find so impossibly difficult to describe. 

Timothy Cooper