"It is one of those albums that makes you think. [That], and its melodic qualities,

makes Global Skies an unforgettable album." —New Age Music Guide

Timothy Cooper's newest solo piano album, Global Skies, is available now.

The more I travel, the more I cross cultures and borders, the more I listen to people with divergent views speak their minds, the more I appreciate the world's breathtaking diversity and recognize it for what I think it is: humanity's greatest strength. But we have to work to bring together a planet splintered by prejudice and contorted by irrational fears. For life on our planet to remain sustainable, indeed, for humanity to survive at all, we need to strive to build a more inclusive, more unified world that ultimately works for everyone. But to accomplish this, we need to face down our fears and embrace a new spirit of universality that heals the old wounds while still celebrating our diversity. On the album Global Skies, I created music from my heart crying out for that new world.

—Timothy Cooper

Cooper has also released two earlier albums, Light on the Water and East Wind. They are available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

Light on the Water was composed during a period of time after the 9/11/2001. Heavily influenced by Cooper's own experience in the aftermath of the terror attacks, as well as the broader grieving of the American public, the album explores pain, loss and healing in the face of tragedy.

Inspired by the many years Cooper has spent living in East Asia, East Wind is an homage to the people, culture, art and scenery of the region, as well as an exploration of the sense of ancient mystery and compelling power one touches while spending time there.